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Safety Features

Anti-fatigue Insoles

Anti-fatigue insoles have been proven to increase employee productivity as well as naturally helping to decrease lost work time due to foot and back problems that would otherwise develop over time. This is especially true for employees that stand or walk on hard floors for more than a few hours per day (which in many industries is most of the workforce).

  • Super soft and comfortable
  • Strong shock-absorbing pad
  • Able to absorb vibration to make the foot more relieve and comfortable

Extra wide-fitting carbon steel toe cap (200 joules)

Our extra wide-fitting carbon steel safety toe caps have been protecting the feet of countless workers on the job for many years now. Our carbon steel safety toe caps offer more flat protection (up to 200 joules). That's right, as far as straight impact and protection resistance goes, our carbon steel toe caps can handle more.

  • Extra Wide Fitting
  • 200 Joules Protection

Pierce resistant steel midsole insert

If you are working in an environment that deals with sharp pointy objects that could be on the ground (nails, screws, etc.), this is an important feature that you would require in order to prevent any unwanted items piercing through the sole of your shoe.

Extra light, slip resistant Polyurethane (PU) sole

A large number of safety footwear in the industry tends to make their safety shoes rather heavy, but not us. We have designed our safety shoes to be extra light and still ensure that you do not slip on those wet or oily surfaces with our slip resistant sole.

Sole resistant to oil and acids / alkalis

If your work requires you to deal with oil or acid/alkaline, then our safety shoes are for you! Our safety shoes are made to be resistant to oil and acid/alkaline so that you wont be injured or hurt by them while you are performing you task.

More Features

Antistatic (ESD)

Asian Fit

Breathable Leather Uppers